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branding & web / illustration / graphic design

Welcome to this little space on the internet. I am a creative with a passion for weaving my creative expertise into the visions of changemakers, and wholehearted businesses.


This site is currently under slow construction. However, please feel free to peruse a few of my projects below.


Rebrand / Website Design

“Working with Janine feels like a cosmic collaborative experience. There’s a special third force at play, and I believe that to be the energy of the creation itself. The process is organic, effortless and pure, and the outcome speaks for itself. You can feel something in the finished product. Be it a logo or website, it’s a living breathing thing and that’s because of the way Janine works.”

Leila Sadeghee

Rebrand / Website Design

This website is, for me, so worth the wait. Janine Petzer has been so accommodating of my vision, so attuned to possibility, so aesthetically uncompromising, and so willing to sit in creative process (which is not always comfortable)... her way of making and engaging with clients feels soulful and led by a value in beauty rather than a value in perfunctory execution. Not only is she an artist - but she's also organized in a way that sets my nervous system into complete ease.

Thanks, Janine. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You're the best.


Logo / Web Desgin

“What drew me to working with Janine was seing how she captured the essence of women I know in such a unique visual expression of who I feel them to be.  I wanted that for myself. To be heard, felt and represented for who I am and what I offer. Working with Janine has been everything I hoped for - intuitive yet structured, artistic and practical. I am so happy with what we created, so much so that in moments where I need inspiration I visit my own website. For anyone who is ready to represent their soul's work visually, I highly recommend working with Janine.”

Logo & Brand Design

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